Leaking Roofs & What to Look For

Leaking Roofs are never a fun situation to deal with.  Homeowners are usually not ready to deal with a leaky roof.  Not only is it an immediate inconvenience and total nightmare to deal with, but it can also cause long-term damage if you do not take care of the situation right away.  So, what to do when you have a roof leak?

There are some things to consider and areas to check with a roof leak, but in most cases you will need to hire a Dallas Roofing Repair Contractor.  You may have noticed a water stain on your ceiling or maybe it’s passed that point and water is seeping into your home.  The most difficult part of diagnosing a roof leak is finding out where it is coming from.  If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, then you are likely all too familiar with wind storms and hail storms.  If the leaking roof was right after one of these storms, then that is likely the root cause of your issue – storm damage.

Roof Leak - Dallas Fort Worth MetroplexWhat to look for as causes of a leaking roof

  • Holes in your roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Damaged roof sealants

Some of these causes are directly related to the storms that many homeowners experience in the Dallas area.  But some of these causes are simply from an old roof.  Over time, your roof will experience some wear and tear thus requiring maintenance.  It’s important to address roof leaks immediately to avoid long-term damage to the integrity of your roof and even the overall structure of your home.  Minor leaks lead to major problems.  Mold, rotted framing, structural issues, insulation deterioration and ceiling damage.

Leaking Roof Repair Company – Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

If you’ve identified a roof leak in your home that needs repair, then give Ultimate Builders, LLC a call at (855) 405-1100 for a free estimate.  We have a team of expert roof leak repair contractors ready to serve the entire Dallas market including Plano, Murphy, Richardson, Wylie, Lewisville and beyond.  One of our roofing experts will discuss your needs and help determine the best solution for your situation.  Ultimate Builders, LLC provides quality roof repair services at a competitive rate.