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Hail Damage Insurance Claims Using Drones

Damage from hail storms across Texas are pretty common to homeowners and businesses.  Many are faced with all types of damage, including holes in their roof, leaking roofs and more.  As you can imagine, the insurance companies must be overloaded...
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Leaking Roof – What to Do?

Leaking Roofs & What to Look For Leaking Roofs are never a fun situation to deal with.  Homeowners are usually not ready to deal with a leaky roof.  Not only is it an immediate inconvenience and total nightmare to deal...
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Hail Damage to Roofs in Wylie & Northern Texas

Northern Texas was hit with another hail storm on Monday, April 11, 2016. Wylie was one of the areas hit the hardest. Initial estimates were reported that 80% of the Wylie homes were damaged (according to Mayor Eric Hogue &...
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